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Thu-Fri 12-7 --- Sat-Sun 12-5

1674 Kirkwood Pike
Kirkwood, PA 17536

We will be closed until April
after we have completed our move to our new location at: "That Fish Place That Pet Place" Centerville Road, Lancaster PA.

Welcome to our Bird Sanctuary:

The Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescue in Kirkwood, PA is a non profit organization dedicated to the education, placement, and sanctuary for displaced companion birds.

We provide the public with the opportunity to meet & greet exotic rescue birds who are looking for nurturing, loving homes. We take in birds of all sizes and kinds from any background, and find a loving home to adopt them out to!

We furnish the birds with cages, toys, food, perches, vet visits, and all of the other essentials to keeping them happy and healthy.

We need your help to fund the care of the birds that are in our care. There are so many ways to get involved and help!

  • Become a volunteer!
  • Become a sponsor!
  • Adopt a feathered companion!
  • Donate!

Birds Available for Adoption:

We have an assortment of many exotic birds, varying in pricing upwards of $5.

 African Greys  Finches
 Amazons  Love Birds
 Budgies  Macaws
 Canaries  Pigeons
 Cockatoos  Pionus
 Conures  Senegals

We thank you for your interest in opening your heart and home to one of our very special feathered friends.

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Bird of the Day:

Today's bird to adopt is Spunky. Spunky can be spunky but he can also be very sweet.

We need monetary donations please:

Any donation that you give us, no matter how small, will help us to be able to help the birds who cannot help themselves.

PayPal takes creditcards.

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