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Available Birds:

Bob - Citron Cockatoo available - Tooey is a dear Citron Cockatoo. He is super sweet if he chooses you.

Charlotte - Greenwing Macaw available - Charlotte has so much personality and loves being with her people. She is stick trained for step up. Once out she will step onto your arm.

Chuckie - Bare Eyed Cockatoo available - Chuckie is settling in very well. He's quite the vocalist, and an adorable bare eyed cockatoo. He's very fussy about who he likes, but if you're the chosen one, he is darling.

Clark - Blue Front Amazon available - Clark is a Blue Front Amazon that was caught in the wild. He is not hand-tame so far, but is willing to accept a few people. He's on a good diet of our mix.

Daffy and Daisy - Blue and Gold Macaw available - Daffy and Daisy are sisters. They are about 12 years old and very sweet girls.

Dominique - Scarlet Macaw available - Dominique is stunning! She is a scarlet macaw who can be picky about who she likes and trusts, but she will make someone a fabulous friend when she's ready!

Ernie - Orange Wing Amazon available - Ernie is about 40 years old. He is a sweet soul.

Finches and Canaries - Finches and Canaries available - These little cuties just arrived the other day. There are 16 zebra finches, and 10 society finches.

Gabe - Umbrella Cockatoo available - Gabe is a 35-year old cockatoo, and an ex-breeder bird. He is slow to step up, but will climb onto you once he trusts you. He is a very sweet bird, but cannot be trusted around other birds.

Jasmine - Blue and Gold Macaw available - Jasmine is a sweet girl if she likes you. She loves to be out.

JoJo - Peach Front Conure available - JoJo is an older little guy. He is scared but not aggressive.

Joni - Moluccan Cockatoo available - Joni is waiting for her perfect match to come along.

Lois - Blue Front Amazon available - Lois is a wild caught Amazon. She is on a good diet of our mix. She is not hand tame as of yet, but very workable. With a little TLC she will make a wonderful friend.

Lucky - Cherry Head Conure available - Lucky is sweet to those he likes but also can be a stinker if he wants to be.

Misty - Green Wing Macaw available - Misty has not been handled in sometime and will need work. We are working on that.

Oliver - Double Yellow Headed Amazon available - Oliver is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon, believed to be an older bird, and seems to prefer men.

Oscar - Orange Wing Amazon available - Oscar is a sweet boy who is around 6 years old. He seems to like almost everyone, but doesn't like kids.

Paco - Moluccan Cockatoo available - Paco is a Cockatoo that can be a handful, but he has so much personality. He just loves getting into mischief, and he loves to entertain everyone. Paco, Paco, Paco, la la la!

Pepe - Double Yellow Head Amazon available - Pepe is 40 years old and has been converted onto a good diet. He's a sweet boy.

Poncho - Yellow Nape Amazon available - Poncho is a little more on the shy side but if you're the one for him, he will open up.

Raven - Nanday Conure available - Raven is an older Nanday and is scared.

Roger - Green Wing Macaw available - Roger has not been handled in sometime and will need work. We are working on that.

Sammy - Blue and Gold Macaw available - Sammy is a sweet blue and gold to those he likes.

Simon - Yellow Naped Amazon available - Simon is a Yellow Naped Amazon. He's timid but has a lot of personality.

Smokey, Simon and Samson - Normal Grey Cockatiels available - Smokey, Simon and Samson are 3 male cockatiels that are very shy and scared but with work would make great companions.

Spunky - Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo available - Spunky can be spunky but he can also be very sweet.

Taco - Blue and Gold Macaw available - Taco is a Macaw believed to be a teenager. He speaks Spanish and English. He will not step up on your arm willingly, but he can be so affectionate once he gets to know you. He will willingly climb on to your lap. He's on a great diet of Zupreem, Roudybush, Higgens Large Fruit and Veggie, with fresh food supplements added.

Vita - Jenday Conure available - Vita is 6 years old and is a very sweet girl.

Whiskey - Blue and Gold Macaw available - Whiskey is a 42-year-old Macaw who lived with one owner all his life until she passed away. He enjoys coming out to play. He is a very sweet boy.

Zachary - Green Wing Macaw available - Zachary is 24 years old, and is a sweet boy to those he chooses. If he chooses you, he will be your best friend for life.


Adoption Procedure:

  • All potential applicants must visit our facility.
  • Educational material is handed out.
  • An application must be completed and returned for review by our Board.
  • A homes visit is required.
  • Once approval is given, we must see that a bond is forming between you and your companion. This may require several visits.
  • A contract will be completed and signed including any and all belongings that your companion arrived under their possession.
  • You will also receive a Coupon from Dr. John Hall for a free vet exam as well as 20% off any testing.

General Price List:

  • Budgies - $5.00 - $25.00
  • Finches - $5.00 - $30.00
  • Canaries - $5.00 - $35.00
  • Love Birds - $10.00 - $25.00
  • Conures - $75.00 - $150.00
  • Senegals - $75.00 - $150.00
  • Pionus - $175.00 - $275.00
  • Amazons - $200.00 - $350.00
  • African Greys - $275.00 - $375.00
  • Cockatoos - $300.00 - $450.00
  • Macaws - $400.00 - $600.00

These prices may change due to
special circumstances.