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Adopted Birds:

Alfalfa - White Faced Cockatiel adopted - Alfalfa is a very sweet little boy. He loves to be out.

Angel - Umbrella Cockatoo adopted - Angel is very sweet and looking for her forever home.

Artie - Pineapple Green Cheek Conure adopted - Artie is very young and very sweet.

Athena and Apollo - Cockatiels adopted - Athena and Apollo are very bonded and just beautiful.

Baby - Umbrella Cockatoo adopted - Baby is an eight-year old, umbrella cockatoo that is very sweet.

Bellamy - Calico Macaw adopted - Bellamy is a beautiful macaw, loaded with attitude. He can be very affectionate. He needs a companion who understands him.

Ben - Congo African Grey adopted - Ben is an African Grey, approximately 17 years old. We welcome him with open arms!

Bentley - Nanday Conure adopted - Bentley is a dear little boy that does not know step up yet. Once held, he is very gentle and loving.

Big Bird - Moluccan adopted - Big Bird is a sweet boy if he chooses you.

Birdie - Congo African Grey adopted - Birdie is a very sweet CAG. He is quite the character.

Brandy - Eclectus adopted - Brandy is 2-3 years old and already been seen by Dr. Hall. She has been on an excellent diet and is very sweet. She was relinquished due to screaming which spooked the other birds in the house.

Bridget - Indian Ringneck Parakeet adopted - Bridget is back with us and just as sweet as she can be!

Buster - Orange Wing Amazon adopted - Buster was adopted from us 2 years ago and brought back. He is 27 years old and very sweet.

Butchie - Blue and Gold Macaw adopted - Butchie is a very dear birdie looking for a home where she will be the only birdie, and thrives in a low key and quiet atmosphere.

Canary & Orange Cheek - Canary and Finches adopted - These little sweeties went to their new and loving home this past week. Congratulations to all!

Candy - Jenday Conure adopted - Candy is beautiful and on a good diet. She suffers from cage aggression, but settles down once out of her cage. All she needs is some TLC.

Charlie - Goffin Cockatoo adopted - Charlie will require some work since he has been cage bound for at least 2+ years.

Chauncy - Blue Headed Pionus adopted - Chauncy went to his new home today. He went right into his carrier. Congratulations to him and his new family.

Chica - Triton Cockatoo adopted - Chica went home yesterday with her new loving family. Happy times for all!

ChiChi - Congo African Grey adopted - ChiChi is 15 years old and very much a ham but so sweet.

Clancy - Normal Grey Cockatiel adopted - Clancy is a cockatiel between 4-5 years old, who came from a very loving home. His mom had to go into a nursing home. He has a HUGE cage and is totally dear!

Cowboy - Amazon adopted - Cowboy is such a gentle and sweet soul. He does get wound up around other Amazons. He is also on a great diet.

Coz - Moluccan-Umbrella Hybrid adopted - Coz is a Mobrella, and he is beautiful. He is also extremely unpredictable. He will require a person who understands him and his needs.

Dino - Blue Front Amazon adopted - Dino is approximately 20 years old and very sweet. She has to be converted to a good diet, but when ready will make a wonderful family/flock member.

Dory and Nemo - Cockatiel adopted - Dory and Nemo were found abandoned and very frightened. With a little patience and TLC they will make wonderful companions. They must stay together.

Doves - Doves adopted - We have 8 beautiful doves that are very tame. They make wonderful companions!

Elmo - Eclectus adopted - Elmo is a male Eclectus. He is sweet to those who he likes and he enjoys the company.

Finches - Finches adopted - These guys arrived in early March and have settled in very well.

Flame - Peachface Lovebird adopted - Flame came to us when he was left behind when his family moved and left him behind. But this dear and very sweet boy will soon be going to his new home where he will be loved.

FrootLoop - Sun Conure adopted - FrootLoop is approximately 12 years old and is a beautiful sun conure.

Grumpy - Military Macaw adopted - Grumpy is a military macaw we believe to be in his teens. He can be a very affectionate boy for those he likes. He has quite a personality and sense of humor, and is on a great diet. Dear Grumpy has found his love, and he is going home!

Gypsy Rose - Pigeon adopted - This beautiful pigeon was found in a parking lot on Friday. She is a very tame birdie. She knows step up and loves hanging out with you! We named her Gypsy Rose.

Haddie - Major Mitchell Cockatoo adopted - Haddie is a strikingly beautiful bird. He is a major mitchell cockatoo who is very fussy about who he likes, but loves his favorites!

Happy Feet - White Bellied Caique adopted - Happy Feet is a very sweet 7 month old caique looking for his perfect home.

Harley and Matilda - American Parakeets adopted - Harley and Matilda just arrived to the Rescue this week. They are beautiful.

Harvey - Budgie adopted - This dear little guy went to his new home.

Henry - Normal Grey Cockatiel adopted - Henry is a sweet little cockatiel, looking for his perfect family.

Hercules - Jenday Conure adopted - Hercules(Herc) is a naked but ever so cute Jenday Conure, waiting to be the perfect companion for the perfect person.

Howard - Blue Front Amazon adopted - Beautiful Howard is a very dear Blue Front Amazon that spent his entire 28 years with his family. He is very sweet and very social. This boy will be going home very soon!

Java Finches - Finch adopted - These guys just came in last weekend and are looking for a forever home.

Lovie - Lovebird adopted - Lovie is an adorable little lovebird that came in the other day. We are working on a diet change to a healthier diet and with some work he will be a very sweet companion.

Maggie - Congo African Grey adopted - Cha Cha is more out going and can be very sweet, Maggie is more on the shy side but they are waiting for their people to come along. UPDATE: Cha Cha has been adopted!

Marley - Yellow Nape Amazon adopted - Marley is a dear and very sweet bird if he chooses you.

Max - Umbrella Cockatoo adopted - Max is 40 years old. He has been converted to a good diet. He is on the shy side but can very sweet.

Maxwell - Green Wing Macaw adopted - Maxwell is 21 years old, and is extremely playful and loving for the people he learns to trust. He is on a great diet, but is not allowed to have seeds or nuts.

Merlin - Meyers Parrot adopted - Our dear old Merlin is going home today! His new mom is great with him!

Milo - Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo adopted - Milo is the tiniest lesser sulphur crest ever. She is 15 years old and super sweet.

Mo - Normal Grey Cockatiel adopted - Mo will be a great companion with a little more work.

MoMo - Red Lored Amazon adopted - MoMo is a beautiful, Red Lored Amazon who is believed to be in his 30s-40s. He came from a very sad situation, but willingly will pick his favorite person.

Morgan - Lorikeet adopted - Meet sweet, sweet Morgan, a perfect lorikeet. She is 4 years old.

Mork and Mindy - Cockatiels adopted - Mork and Mindy are two beautiful cockatiels that come with an awesome flight cage. They need a little work to tame them down. They have transitioned to a good diet very well.

Nikki - Umbrella Cockatoo adopted - Nikki is a very tiny Umbrella Cockatoo and can be very sweet.

Oliver - Double Yellow Headed Amazon adopted - Oliver is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon, believed to be an older bird, and seems to prefer men.

Oscar - Military Macaw adopted - Oscar is another one of our special needs fids. He has a curved spine. He does very well, but just not quite as fast as some of the other fids. He loves being out and truly enjoys cuddles, hugs and kisses.

Paco - Moluccan Cockatoo adopted - Paco is a Cockatoo that can be a handful, but he has so much personality. He just loves getting into mischief, and he loves to entertain everyone. Paco, Paco, Paco, la la la!

Pepita - Sun Conure adopted - Pepita went to his new home and loving family!

Percy - Moluccan Cockatoo adopted - Percy went home Friday with his beloved dad. Both were all smiles!

Petunia - Cockatiel adopted - Petunia is a young female cockatiel. With a little work she will be a very sweet companion.

Piquita - Red Lored Amazon adopted - Piquita went home a while ago. Congrats to you and your new forever family. What a sweetheart!

Polly - Double Yellow Headed Amazon adopted - Polly is a male and 40 something. He has not been handled in quite some time, but one of our dear volunteers is able to get him out for cuddles and play.

RayRay - Moluccan Cockatoo adopted - This boy is a sweet and affection gem. He is shy at first and needs some time to get comfortable. He can be vocal like all Toos. He enjoys a diet of our mix.

Rio - Cockatiel adopted - Rio the little tiel is about 5 years old and is very sweet.

Rosetta - Yellow Nape Amazon adopted - Rosetta is an Amazon, approximately 35 years old, and quite the character. She loves to talk and sing. She tends to bite, but is stick trained and loves being out among her birdie friends. She is on a great diet.

Sammy - Congo African Grey adopted - Sammy is a precious little boy who will make someone a very happy companion. He loves when one of our volunteers brings in fresh cooked dinner!

Sammy - Sun Conure adopted - Welcome Sammy, a beautiful Sun Conure!

Sasha - Moluccan Cockatoo adopted - Sasha went to her new home yesterday where she will be loved and cared for. This is one very special birdie going to a very special lady!

Sassy - Blue and Gold Macaw adopted - Sassy is believed to be a very young macaw. She is very sweet just shy at first but she definitely prefers woman over men.

Scooter - American Parakeet adopted - Scooter is a sweetheart and loves looking at himself.

Sidney and Milo - Cockatiel adopted - Sidney and Milo are about 5 years old and are both males. They are very sweet and must be adopted together.

Sierra - Greenwing Macaw adopted - Stunning Sierra! He is beautiful! He is all macaw! He came from a home where he was so loved and had the best of care.

Simon and Bessie - Hahns Macaw adopted - Simon is 24 years old and is blind in one eye. Bessie is 22 years old and can be shy. They love to be together and are upset if separated.

Snowball - Dove adopted - Snowball is a sweet dove who is waiting for the perfect dove loving family to come along.

Sookie - Blue & Gold Macaw adopted - Sookie is such a sweet and affectionate Blue and Gold Macaw. She is loved and adored by so many of us at Feathered Sanctuary. This precious girl is going to her new home today! She will be lavished with love and attention by the whole family. Bless you honey ad bless the family!

Stewey - Goffins Cockatoo adopted - Stewey is so happy and loved in his new home! Bless our friends who open their heart and home to these precious birdies!

Sugar Plum - Finch adopted - This sweet little finch went home this past week. Hearts are filled with love for this little sweetie!

Sully - Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo adopted - Sully is a sweetheart if he likes you.

Sundance - Sun-Jen Conure adopted - Sundance is a Sun Conure Jenday Conure Mix and is 12 years old, and is very sweet.

Sunny - Jenday adopted - Sunny is a dear, little, 18-year-old Jenday, and very sweet and tame. We are working on improving his diet without any problems.

Tiki - Cockatiel adopted - Tiki is shy but sweet.

Tinker - Umbrella Cockatoo adopted - Precious Tinker is going home today! He will be loved and cherished as a member of the family/flock.

Tippy - Cockatiel adopted - Our cockatiel mix consists of Zupreem Med Fruit, Roudybush Nibble or Mini, Higgens Small Fruit and Veggie, and Higgens Vita Seed.

Zazu and Skittles - Budgie adopted - Zazu and Skittles just arrived the other day. Zazu is the blue one and is 5 years old. Skittles is the yellow/green one and is 4 years old.


Available Birds:

Want to see the gallery of
birds up for adoption?

General Price List:

  • Budgies - $5.00 - $25.00
  • Finches - $5.00 - $30.00
  • Canaries - $5.00 - $35.00
  • Love Birds - $10.00 - $25.00
  • Conures - $75.00 - $150.00
  • Senegals - $75.00 - $150.00
  • Pionus - $175.00 - $275.00
  • Amazons - $200.00 - $350.00
  • African Greys - $275.00 - $375.00
  • Cockatoos - $300.00 - $450.00
  • Macaws - $400.00 - $600.00

These prices may change due to
special circumstances.

Adoption Procedure:

  • All potential applicants must visit our facility.
  • Educational material is handed out.
  • An application must be completed and returned for review by our Board.
  • A homes visit is required.
  • Once approval is given, we must see that a bond is forming between you and your companion. This may require several visits.
  • A contract will be completed and signed including any and all belongings that your companion arrived under their possession.
  • You will also receive a Coupon from Dr. John Hall for a free vet exam as well as 20% off any testing.