Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that rescues, houses, and adopts out exotic parrots.

Feathered Sanctuary was founded in 2000 in Pequa, PA when Lynne Rotheweiler, who was the vice president of another bird rescue that closed down, opened her doors to begin a new rescue. At that time, all of the volunteers fostered the birds in their home. Over the years the Sanctuary has moved several times, and is now located at That Fish Place That Pet Place on Centerville Road in Lancaster, PA. Through the years, Feathered Sanctuary has rehomed over 3000 birds.

Currently at the rescue, we have over 50 birds looking to be placed into their forever homes. We have a little bit of everything ranging from budgies and cockatiels to amazons and greys, macaws and cockatoos. Every bird in the rescue is just that, a rescue bird. We, as a rescue, do not promote breeding but instead promote the rehoming of these many wonderful animals that end up in our care.

  • RelinquishmentRoom permitting, we accept the relinquishment of all exotic parrots.
  • AdoptionOur goal is to rehome as many birds as possible through adoption to qualified persons.
  • VolunteersWe have no paid employees nor board members. We are entirely volunteer run.
  • CareAll birds relinquished to our care are properly vetted.