All proceeds raised go directly to the care and feeding of these magnificent creatures. We are completely volunteer run and have no paid members of our board. These birds rely on donations from people like you for their well being!

With an average vet cost around 300-400 per bird for a full blood work panel, the cost of the cages that we have to purchase when we run out of donated cage, the cost of toys for these birds, the cost of food, and the incidental costs of overhead (internet, phone, electric, repairs and maintenance)…our costs can add up quick! But with your help, we can continue to do what we love doing, rescuing these poor babies and finding them their new forever homes. Won’t you consider donating to our cause?

  • FoodIt costs an average of $50 per bag of food, and approximately 1800/mo for all the birds in our care.
  • ToysToys can cost anywhere from $3 for a small bird toy to $25 or more for a large bird toy.
  • CagesCages are one of our biggest expenses, since not all of these birds come with cages. These cages can cost upwards of $600 for a new one.
  • Vet CareVet care for a healthy bird costs around $300 for a blood panel. If the bird needs medicines, the costs go up from there!
  • IncidentalsLike anyone else with a building, there are costs involved. We try to keep our monthly bills as low as possible, but we need to keep the lights on!.

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