Donation in Memory Of Paul Dimitri

Feathered Sanctuary appreciates all donations that are sent in honor of Paul Dimitri and to care for the birds that he worked so diligently to rescue. This is a very sudden influx of birds, which we are happy to help with, but we are reaching out to try to raise some funds for the veterinary care and feeding of these birds. All monies raised through this particular form will be used first and foremost to vet these birds that are coming in. If we raise above and beyond the cost of any vet bills for these birds, the money will go into our standard pot to feed and vet all the birds which we take in. We are a 501(c)3 (so all donations made directly to us are tax deductible) with no paid board members, so rest assured that all monies that we take in go directly to the care and feeding of these beautiful creatures!

Donations can also be made directly to the vets office in Feathered Sanctuarys name. We use VCA Bridgeport and they can be contacted by phone at (717) 393-9074. They are located at 1251 Ranck Mill Rd Lancaster, PA 17602.

Support Vet and Food Costs

$1,750 of $2,500 raised

Due to the sudden passing of Paul Dimitri, Feathered Sanctuary is assisting his partner Barbara by taking on most of the birds that they had at their rescue, giving her the relief that she needs. With this, we are taking on some added costs for vet bills and food. Every little bit helps and every dollar raised goes directly to the care and feeding of these wonderful creatures!

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