Rescuing and Rehoming Exotic Birds, It’s What We Do

The sole mission of Feathered Sanctuary is to rescue and rehome as many birds as we can.

We attempt to help as many birds as possible, but we are limited by space, help and finances. We are a 501(c)(3) and completely volunteer run. We rely on our volunteers and the kind donations of individuals to allow us to continue succeeding in helping as many birds as possible.

We accept relinquishment of birds for various reasons, and each persons reason is there own. We make no judgement on the relinquishment of a bird, and are happy to take them in, as money and room allows, and find them the best home possible.

We adopt birds out to homes who have been approved through our application process. The process is simple, and outlined here:

  • Stop into our rescue and fill out an adoption application
  • One of our volunteers will perform a home visit
  • Spend time with the bird(s) you are interested, and show that you have a bond with the bird
  • Pay the adoption fee (which varies by bird)
  • Take your new found friend home!

Many people ask us, “Why does your adoption process require a home visit?” The answer to this is simple. We want to ensure that the birds relinquished to our care are placed in the best home possible. The home visit is meant as both a small inspection of where you will keep the bird as well as a learning experience for you, the potential adopter. The volunteer will go over some basic bird care things with you, some of which you may not be aware of.

Another frequent question we get asked is, “How long does this process take?” Unfortunately, this is a hard question to answer. This is dependent on a number of factors. The first factor the availability of a volunteer to do a home visit. We are limited in our ability to do this by the time that our volunteers have. The other factor is the bird itself. While one person may be able to bond with a bird in a matter of two or three visits, it may take someone else five or six or even more visits to bond with a bird. The bird whom you are originally interested in sometimes is not the bird you wind up bonding with, so you must also keep an open mind!